Friday, February 26, 2010

All You Printable Coupons

All You printable coupons:
$.50 off – Lenders Bagels
$1.00 off – Welch’s Juices
$1.00 off – Stacy’s Pita Chips
$1.00 Tazo Tea
$1.00  off – Boca Meatless Products
$1.00 off – 1 newsstand issue of Southern Living Magazine
$1.25 off – 1 Slim Fast product
$1.00 off- any (2) 9-lives wet cat food
$1.00 off – any Poise product
$2.00 off – any Carvel Ice Cream Cake
$1.00 off – Arm & Hammer
$1.00 off – Healthy Choice Mixers
$1.00 off – Marie Callendar’s Home Style Creations

GO HERE to print. Thanks Mojo Savings for the list of coupons!

I have never purchased All You magazine but am looking for a great offer on it and then I will.  I mentioned that I had never purchased it but I have a bunch of them in my house right now.  I got them in the best way....almost like the Couponing angels wanted me to see the light.  I started this blog just last month when I made the commitment to myself and my family to do the best I could to save our money and to give as much as we could.  That sounds crazy right?  How can you save and give all at the same time?  I did not know how exactly I was going to do it but I know that when our family was faced with having to face our baby struggle in her fight for life we struggled to pay the medical bills...without the help of so many strangers we would not have made it.  So, I committed to honor the gifts we have been given and pay it forward.  A New Year, A New Decade, A New Attitude!

Since I have been couponing and writing this blog I have saved money on our grocery budget and have purchased more food then we ever did in the past and now I am getting pretty creative on how I look at things.  Back to the All You magazines.  What is the best way possible to receive these magazines you ask....Well, for FREE of course!  I received an entire shopping bag of magazines from a Freecycler.  I have mentioned Freecycle in the past but will mention it again.  It is a Yahoo group whose purpose is to keep things out of landfills.  So, if someone does not need an item they post it and if someone is looking for an item they will post as well.  The items MUST always be Free!  If you are currently not a Freecycler I encourage you to look up your local group HERE

I looked through my shopping bag of magazines and thought I would get some ideas for decorating and baking (unlike cooking I love to bake!)...and there it was....Coupons Galore!  I could not believe that someone had given me a bag of magazines and did not take ONE coupon out.  It was surreal...this magazine pays for itself.  All You even offer coupons on-line such as the ones above and coupons on the purchase of own magazine!  Cha Ching!  

I am amazed on the progress I have made toward filling our own pantry...I remember days of it being beyond bare and now it is busting through and through and with plenty left to help provide items for our local food bank...So, I am spending less, Buying More and Giving More... a nice way to start off the New Year!

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