Friday, January 29, 2010

Apply to Host an Organizational House Party!

If I win will you come to the party? Oh but I have so many rooms to pick from.....hmmmmm....decisions, decisions!

Go here to apply to host a House Party

Party is for here's no better time to reorganize your home from top to bottom than spring. And on March 20th, 2010, great Do It Yourself help will be in the bag thanks to Ziploc® Brand Bags and Containers.
If selected to host, you and your guests will receive terrific tools and techniques from Ziploc® for organizing any room in the house. All geared to simplifying even the stickiest organizational challenges.
So spring into action by learning to conquer the clutter at an exclusive, fabulous party full of fun, great tips, resources, and products. This year, save valuable space while saving time and money by learning to do it yourself.
Spaces are limited. Don't miss out — do it yourself — apply today!


Jenn said...

I'm a new Follower from Friday Follows looking forward to future posts!

Frugal Mom said...

Hi Jenn!
Thank you for your kind words!

Couponing in Central Florida! said...

Love your blog. Thanks for posting this I almost missed applying :-) !!!

(LOVE your background!!!!)

Frugal Mom said...

Couponing in Central are soooo invited to the organization party at my house if I win....even if I don't are welcome to come over and help me organize :)

Glad you found the blog!! Have a great weekend!