Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have been a member of our local freecycle group for about 3 years now.  I have moved in those 3 years and I simply request membership to the local group when I did.  This is an amazing resource in finding things for free. Go here to find a local chapter.

If you have not heard of Freecycle it is very simple in concept.  If you have something that you no longer need and it is still usuable you post to the group.  If you would like the item that is posted you simply respond to the poster.  Now, when an item is posted many times a few people want the item.  It is up to the poster to decide who they will give their item to.  The poster emails the person who is interested and sets up a time, date and location on where to pick up the item.  Many times the item is left outside the home on a porch or by the garage so there is little interaction between the person giving the item away and the person receiving the item.

I have seen so many things given away on Freecycle from furniture to unused diapers. Now if you need something and no one has offered the item you can simply post a wanted message.  There IS NO MONEY exchanged in this process.  The person giving simply gives as to keep the item from hitting a landfill.

Check out your local Freecycle group.  It is a great way to let others benefit from items you no longer use and to receive items for free that others may otherwise throw away.

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