Friday, January 15, 2010

Host a Sandwich Revolution Party - Applications being taken

Celebrate the sandwich perfected.

Host a Sandwich Revolution House Party!

Sandwiches just got more interesting, thanks to Sandwich Thins® rolls, the delicious pre-sliced artisan flatbreads from Arnold® and Oroweat®. Clocking in at 100 calories, 5g fiber, and only 1g fat per roll, it’s Bread Perfected®! Now’s your chance to share the secret with your closest friends and family and show them how easy it is to get everything they love about artisan bread, with all the health benefits, at a Sandwich Revolution House Party!
If selected as a host, you’ll get the gang together on February 27th for some great eats and lots of fun as you share your favorite Sandwich Thins® ideas with everyone. You’ll also have the chance to see who’s the most creative chef in the kitchen, as your guests compete to create the best Sandwich Thins® recipe. All that and a FREE party pack full of kitchen gifts and yummy treats for everyone. Talk about revolutionary partying!
Host spots are limited. Don’t miss this chance to thindulge in delicious sandwiches, as you discover and share new ways to live thin!

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