Saturday, January 30, 2010

My FAVE site for Publix deals!

I know I have a long way to go before I come close to couponing as well as many of you but I am pretty proud of myself.  I have taken over the grocery list for the past 3 weeks and I have saved over $100 each week.  You see I don't cook...not well atleast.  I call Publix the "magic" store where my husband goes in and then walks out to create these beautiful meals for our family.

This is a new year...a new decade...and a new attitude!  So, I wanted to take that off of his plate (lol) and I am sure glad I did.  Today, he stood with me wide eyed at the grocery store as I told the cashier about my FAVE Publix site and shared my list with her. 

The site that has revolutionized the way I shop at Publix is I Heart Publix!  This site not only shows you the deals that are going on at Publix but she also matches up where you can find the coupons to go along with the deals.

So, now I walk into the store with a printed list which is super easy to create since there are drop down boxes that have the current deals and prices already for you!

Today,  we did our grocery shopping for the week (I did purchase items to stockpile and yes...I threw in my bottle of wine...told you I am not as good as many of you!  I caved...I think it was the whining 3 year old in the cart that made it look so tempting! LOL)

My total payment was $107.02.
My total savings was $142.01. 

Not bad for a newbie!  But I still have a lot to learn...check out what she paid out this week

"This week I spent $24.66 for over $256 worth of groceries!!  That means I saved about 91% this week.  I shopped at both Kroger and Publix this week as I just couldn’t pass up all that FREE Kraft cheese.  Yes you are seeing it correctly I have over 30 packages of cheese.  I have to say it was perfect timing as I was down to 3 packs in my freezer…so hopefully I am good until the next great sale!!  I will also send in for my Dole rebate :-)"

So if you live in an area with a Publix you simply HAVE to check it out!  Even if you do not have a Publix in your area you may get some printable coupons that you were not aware of.

Thanks, I HEART PUBLIX for helping me with my frugal living goals!


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