Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brandon, Florida area...this one is for you.

Come be a part of something GREAT
I know that in today’s economy it is really hard to give anything. But your time is FREE. Have you ever got a feeling over you that you wanted to do something great but didn’t know how or have the means to do so. Well let me tell you about the Kiwanis Club of Brandon. We not only support the majority of elementary schools in southern Hillsborough County with our terrific kids programs. But we mentor children, help individuals that are less fortunate,
Buy teddy bears for kids that are in abusive situations so that officers can give them something to hold on to, Echo Food Drives, Ringing the bell at Christmas time, collect school supplies for children and schools that are in need and much more. Our hearts and passions are solely surrounded by children and their families. If this is something that may interest you…please let us buy you breakfast on Thursday morning @ Ben’s Family Restaurant and see for yourself if you make a good fit. Visit us on the web for more information:

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