Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook Free Eggs --- Update --- It is OVER

Update: Facebook is working now and will allow you to transfer your information.  An email is sent telling you to download the coupon.  When you download the coupon it says, "The Campaign is Over You May Close This Window."

Update:  Well, at 10 am I was on Facebook ready to download the coupon but it appears that there were A LOT of frugalistas on board to ready download....needless to say....the system CRASHED!  I have to say that I appreciate it when companies offer freebies and coupons...THANK YOU! What I have been reading on Facebook is ridiculous...the company was obviously not prepared for so many people to be online at the same time and it did not work.  It truly is not a reason to write nasty things ... things happen...there will be another deal at another time.  Maybe they will fix it on time..guess I am just disappointed in the reaction people are having...I guess when you have to wait 8 months for your child to get a chance to puts things into perspective.  Thank you for trying America's Egg Farmers!

It looks like this promotion is not working.

Friday (2/5) fans of the Incredible Edible Egg on Facebook will get a buy-one get-one free coupon for a dozen eggs.  This is from America's egg farmers... Here is the link to the Facebook page...Thank you guys and gals from America's egg farmers....I think I will be making some deviled eggs this weekend and heading to the beach!

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