Thursday, February 25, 2010

Foodnetwork Cookbooks on Sale

I have to confess...I am not a good cook.  My husband is a fabulous cook and even my 3 year old is a better cook then I, and yet I have this OBSESSION with the Food Network.  I am a HUGE fan of Sandra Lee, Paula Dean and The Neely's (they are just too cute for words) any and all Food Network Challenges and don't get me started on Cutie Patootie Duff...oh..I want to go to Baltimore just to have a slice of cake!  But I digress this post is about their sale! The Food Network has a real nice sale on their cookbooks.  Many of them are 75% off.  Go HERE to check out the selection.

30 Minute Meals Vol. 2: All Around Tasty 

from $29.95 on sale for $6.99 

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