Monday, February 1, 2010

Free Hotprints Photobook

It is a new month so you can now get another free photobook from Hotprints!  They offer a free photobook every month!  I ordered one last month and it was FREE and the shipping was FREE.  I may not be chosen by a lot of companies to do a lot of reviews simply because I will tell you my opinion....and with this one....I am glad it was free!  I would not pay for it...nope...not a dime.  The quality of the book and photos are not great and it does come with ads that you can tear out...although you can't tear out the back page which attaches to your cover...this page has your mailing address on it. 

NOW, I will go ahead and order another book this month...(Go here to order).Why?  Because the book I ordered last month was of my daughter when she got to visit with Elmo and Cookie Monster during her Make-A-Wish trip.  This book is perfect as a gift to your toddler or little expectations from her except that she is happy seeing pictures of herself with the ULTIMATE Red Furry Monster (A Super Rock Star in our house!), I will order another one this month and might do a doggie album for her...or an "ABC" book for her....but other than this use I wouldn't bother.

Honest enough?

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