Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Deal on Huggies Baby Wipes at CVS

  Update: I went to a different CVS and yes it did work. There was no signage but when I scanned the bags they were $2.50 each!  The same prices as the small containers!  This is a great deal!

Update: I did go to my CVS and scanned my CVS card.  I did not receive a coupon for the Huggies wipes.  The Huggies containers were on sale for $2/5 but the bag of wipes was the regular price.  Since so many people are blogging that it worked for them it maybe something you want to grab when you run in but not make a special trip for.  I did get some good deals for my pantry at CVS today - I will do a post on that later.
I do plan to go to CVS either this afternoon or this evening...when I do I will scan these to see what my local store has them at...but this was tooo good of a deal not to share.  I know how expensive keeping those little tushies clean can be!  Just make sure you do a price scan before heading to the register.
This post came from For the Mommas but I have seen different bloggers comment that the deal did work at their local store...Woohooo for an unadvertised sale!  Guess there is no need to advertise since we bloggers will do it for them :)
Great deal!  Scan your CVS card at the coupon machine – get a $2.00 off Huggies wipes and $4.00 off Huggies diapers coupons. Note: The lady behind me had to scan her’s twice to get the coupon
Huggies wipes are 2/$5.00 this week!  INCLUDING the 216 count Huggies Naturals refill pack!  Note – my CVS did NOT have the sale sign on these, only the smaller tubs, but the manager confirmed the price.
Final price – $0.50 for 216 count Huggies Natural Wipes!
Not everyone might be able to get the coupon, but even if you can’t get this coupon , it is a great deal!

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