Monday, February 8, 2010

My Publix Weekly Savings!!

My hubby went grocery shopping by himself today.  My daughter was napping and has been feeling yucky lately so we figured she would not be having a great deal of fun at Publix....and I had a TON of coupons that I had downloaded and matched up to the deals this sick 3 year old stayed with Mami.  I printed my list for him and all of the matching coupons (oh...I know I sound like a super woman but it really is not that hard go HERE. I Heart Publix has the spreadsheet for you every week!  Love this site!!).

The register receipt that I have is as long as I am tall...the longest we have ever had I believe.  We purchased a lot of items to stockpile since this was a great week for it.  I felt terrible when my husband told me that the cashier called the manager over due to the amount of coupons he had.  Then the manager had the cashier and bagger take out every item from the bags to compare it to each coupon.  When I told him I felt terrible for him...he said..I didn't feel terrible at all.  I knew that you had done your list and checked every coupon.  I knew each item on the list had a coupon and that you had checked each coupon for expiration dates.  I knew every deal I had was good and it was legit.  I was happy saving over $200!!!  I adore my hubby...he has a great attitude and when he told me the savings...well....I am okay if the manager had called in all the employees and checked every deal we had...I am pretty proud of our savings!

SOOOOO the final tally was ...
Spent $187.35  (Yes I know this is high but we stockpiled...I mean when you are getting Glass Plus window cleaner at 49 cents...why not get a few!!)

Savings $221.88
Our Pantry is full!! We got $409.23 worth of groceries for $187.35!

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