Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Weekly Publix Trip

We had our list on hand and our coupons all organized and ready to go.  My hubby and daughter grabbed the limo of shopping carts (the one with the car that needs a special license to drive)...and we are off for our weekly Publix trip.  I have to say that for someone who started to "coupon" in January I am getting pretty good at this.  I am not feeling well today...not at all...but at the store when I see the cashier scan each coupon I get this endorphin high...I just want that "Savings" total to go up and up....I LOVE IT! 

Today, the cashier remembered me from a few weeks ago.  I went up to her with my stack of coupons and told her I had a ton of coupons and wanted to know if she wanted them ahead of time.  She says, "I remember you" this a good thing?  I hope so.  I had to I the only person that uses a lot of coupons is that why you remember me?  She said, "no, you just always buy a lot of the same items and your coupons are always in order and I don't have to worry about finding expired ones" and then she says, "by the way, I went to the website you recommended (referring to I Heart Publix) and I really like it".  So, there I stood watching and all of a sudden I felt that Coupon High and I loved it!

Then this nice man with the cutest baby says, "Is that all from this weeks paper?"....oh...I go into Overzealous Coupon Woman do you have a pen?  Let me write some websites down for you....then in the parking lot (my husband called me a coupon I see the same man and just felt this urge to tell him to go and get some Valentine's cards and use the 99cent coupons on the tearpad and get them for free  (I know they are there.  I just saw them)....I know ... I know....I did recognize I was being a coupon  but in my defense I just wanted to share the wonderful feeling I have gotten from saving my family so much money every week!! I can't believe I have not being doing this from the get go!

My scanner is down but when I can figure out the problem I will do the happy dance and scan the receipt.
So.....Drumroll Please......The TOTAL:
We spent $88.26
We Saved $189.05

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