Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pier One Imports....90% OFF Christmas Sale starts TODAY!!!

SHHHHHH....I have a secret.....a little birdie told me......Today is the beginning of Pier One Imports 90% off Holiday Sale!!! It pains me to say that I can not go because my little girl is sick but if you don't walk this morning to Pier One....I am sure the selection is low like at my local store BUT atleast at my store they still had wrapping paper, candles, and a bunch of cute Christmas items!

And yeah...the little birdie was a salesperson at Pier 1..I did check online (you can not purchase online) and Holiday items do appear to be 90% off.  Go here to find store numbers, locations, and may want to call your local store and see if they have any stock left.

Holiday Fragrance Beads
Clearance $0.48 each
Orig. $5

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