Saturday, February 27, 2010


I never thought I would be one to stockpile food.  I think I was of the mindset that stockpiling was for someone who was preparing for a crisis such as a hurricane.  I have had the experience of having a hurricane engulf our neighborhood.  Ironically, at the time I lived in Fort Lauderdale but was attending graduate school in Tampa, Florida.  A hurricane was predicted to hit the Tampa area and after my last class I got in my car and drove non-stop to my apartment.  I then learned the prediction was wrong.  The hurricane landed in Fort Lauderdale.  Fortunately, we were not injured during the hurricane and although the apartment complex looked like a battle zone afterwards our small place was fine.  We were left without power for a week...and in that week I was so glad that I did a last minute panic and spent a small fortune to buy cans of food and water.  I along with what seemed to be everyone in South Florida were at the grocery store buying items we never eat and was full price simply because the shelves were bare.

So when I thought of stockpiling I had this image in mind.  Now, I have a new image.  Now, I realize that stockpiling is the way that I am lowering my families grocery bill.  A way that I can purchase items at their rock bottom price.  I purchase in quantities but then for the next few months while the same items are full price again I will not have a need to purchase them.  This weekend my husband and I are painting our home office.  Our pantry is not large and it is completely full so we have made the decision to convert part of the  office closet into our food pantry.  Why not?  It may not be conventional but it is what we are doing.  When the project is done I will post pictures of the project and our to Home Depot.

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