Sunday, March 7, 2010

All You Magazine - 70 cents per issue!

Update: This deal is done!
Don't forget to order All You Magazine!  It has a ton of great coupons and the best part is that as a Florida Frugal Family reader you can get it at a great price!  For as Little as 70¢ per issue, you will be able to get a 40 issue subscription.  The offer is only good until March 15, so hurry - Click HERE and get in on this price...the best part is not only do you get a GREAT deal but a portion of the sale will be donated to toys to the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Lauderdale!  Go Here and read about it!

Update - March 7th: I just received an email letting me know that 2 sales have been generated from this promotion.  That means that $6 thus far will go towards the purchase of toys for the Ronald McDonald House in Fort Lauderdale. (You know I will stretch every dollar donated!)  Thank You!  You can still take advantage of this AMAZING low price for a subscription and help in provided toys to some very worthy kids!  I will keep you updated on the tally as I am updated. Thank you again! 


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm trying to sign up for this but am getting a price of $40 after clicking through your link above. Do you have any idea why?

Frugal Mom said...

The original posts tells you about it..I should have reposted the whole thing. Campus Fundraiser credits the $12 back after purchase. This is a deal that has been offered to blogger sites with each individual site choosing to keep the profits or donate them. I just received the an email from them today that I am about to post on...this deal will be done as of THIS friday, March 12th due to complaints received to All You...apparently the price is the lowest and some current subscribers are not pleased that they did not receive this price (this is what I gather from the email), so take advantage of this offer ASAP...once it is gone - it is gone!