Monday, March 1, 2010

Beginning of the Month Reminder - Print those Coupons!

It is the beginning of the month and time to print your coupons!
Printable coupons have a print limit.  The companies will allow a certain number of coupons to be printed for their products so the beginning of the month is the time to print any coupons you know you will be using.  How do you know which coupons to print?  What I have learned is a 2 part rule.

Print coupons for products that you normally use - My husband loves Nature Valley Nut Clusters.  So, when I find this coupon online I always print 2.  Why 2?  Because of the Buy One Get One (BOGO) Free offers.  I always want to have 2 coupons to use on the BOGO offers so I can get the rock bottom price. 

Print any High Value coupons - If it is a high value coupon for a product I have yet to use but think I would like then I print it (again 2 copies). What better time to try a product then when it is free or nearly free!

Print your coupons although items are not currently on sale.  It is very likely that if there is a coupon a promotion will occur with the item within the next few weeks. 

Why do I encourage you to print today?  I learned the hard lesson of waiting to print my coupons as to save the ink and have missed out on a lot of great deals because the print limit was reached.  I can assure you that once an item is placed on a promotion and it is advertised that likelihood of you going back to the coupon site and finding it available will be next to none.

  • Always print in multiples of 2.
  • Try different zip codes on the times you will find different coupons.  I always try the famous 90210!
Printable coupon sites:
Red Plum
Cool Savings

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