Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yesterday, I went to Publix and the cashier refused to accept my coupons because she said it was too confusing and I was not doing the deal correctly.  I had 6 Starbucks coffee 4 packs that was buying and had 3 coupons (Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupons).  I explained I was buying  6 coffees and so I would get 3 for free.  The cashier read it and refused to do it because the coupon stated you had to purchase 2 items for the Buy 1 Get 1 Free...yeah....when you purchase 2 ... you get one for free.  The cashier re-read the coupon and was under the misunderstanding that I had to pay out of pocket for 2 in order to get 1 for free...  I again, tried to explain that I was purchasing 2 items but the store would be giving me one for free since I had the coupon.  She then turned the coupon around and said EVEN if this is the case it states 1 coupon per purchase.  Again, I explained the difference between purchase and transaction. She turned around and asked the cashier next to her whom I could not hear.  Then she pulled another person over and asked. At this point, the line was getting pretty backed up so I asked her to please take the items off and I would simply walk over to customer service and pay for the coffees over there.  She was not pleased with this and made it pretty clear...I got the feeling she thought I was trying to pull a fast one.  Me, my boogie nosed daughter and my hubby...all we wanted was coffee and Cheerios....Funny thing is that this was a quick run in and out trip ... not my normal 2 inches of coupons trip.  My husband and I had been up all night with our sick daughter...we just wanted coffee and there happened to be a tearpad in front of the coffees this week so we used the coupons knowing we had a long week ahead of us.

I share this story simply because there really is no reason to get upset...I met the 2nd Publix employee that was pulled into the coupon "situation" whowent tothe customer service desk with the coupons in hand. I overheard the manager tell her, "This is a no brainer...she is buying  6 she gets 3 for free...there is no problem"..and then she saw me and asked the manager to ring me up which he did in a very friendly mannner...no biggie. Sometimes the cashiers themselves do not know how coupons work.  Don't let this stop you from using the coupons just have them take the "questioned" items off and then go to customer service...if you know you are right then use them.  

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Lisa P@www.isitmondayalready.com said...

IM sorry you had to deal with this, there are way too many cashiers and even managers who treat coupon users as criminals. We are doing nothing wring only using the money that manufactures give us!