Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Royal Gelatin Deal - Publix Blinkie but Walgreens Freebie

I had to run and pick up a prescription for my daughter at Walgreens today.  I grabbed the ad for a quick glance since I was running to the store anyways.  I realized the Royal Gelatin have a coupon on the front (It states it is a Florida deal).  The Walgreen's coupon is 5 for $1.  I was at Publix for a quick run in yesterday and saw a blinkie for Royal Gelatin...the coupon is..... $1 off the purchase of 5!  So, if you happen to go to Publix grab a few blinkies and head to Walgreen's.  The Walgreen's coupon does say limit of 5 per transaction so that is what I purchased.  I do plan to swing by tomorrow and grab 5 more for the charity box...the total for my transaction was $60 (but heck that was the copay on the medication and the number 1 reason I coupon!)...the total for the gelatin was FREE!

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