Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Sharing

I have been thinking about where I want to take this blog site.  Sunday is a day I spend very little time on the computer because it is family time.  I am not going to compromise this.  I do want to start my "Sunday Sharing" ... this is something I have thought a lot about.  When my daughter was born I planned for so much.  I planned on taking her to the beach, I planned to take her on walks to the park, I planned on all of the beautiful things all mommies plan on.  I never planned to hear that she was dying.  In fact, without a liver transplant she would not be alive today.  I have blogged our journey with liver disease on her site -  One thing that I will never forget is that without the generous spirit of so many and mainly strangers for my friends had no idea how to handle a friend with a child that was so they left.  I had strangers step into my life out of nowhere at times .. many whose names I will never know.

I remember one day opening up the door and a giant teddy bear with flowers were delivered to my door.  I had felt so alone and isolated from everyone but a newspaper article had been written about my daughters' fight for her life.  When I saw the note attached I just cried.  It simply said, "With love from all of us in (the town we lived in)".  Everytime I looked at the teddy bear my heart smiled.  To this day the only blankets my daughter has in her closet are ones that we received from organizations filled with carrying people who only think of others.  So, on Sunday's, I plan to highlight an amazing organization that warms my that you may or may not know about...organizations that are created from love to share love.  I know that this site is about being frugal...but the one thing we should never be frugal with is our love, our compassion and our hearts.

The first organization that I adore is Make a Child Smile (MACS). This organization tells us about little hero's who are fighting hard.  You can see their beautiful pictures and read about their struggles. MACS sets up P.O.Boxes for these children where you can send a little note of encouragement.  A card...that simple!  You can enclose some stickers in the card or you can send a small toy...but all they ask is for a nice card to Make a Child Smile!  You can send a card to one child or many...your choice.   This non-profit organization makes my heart smile!


K∂riиє* Smith. said...

Very nice post !
Thanks for sharing.
Hope your baby is okay and makes you smile everyday !


Half Brazilian-Half Irish

Anonymous said...

That story brought tears to my eyes. I hope your daughter is doing better today! I know how you feel, we're supposed to outlive our children. I have a 26 yr old with Stage IIIB
Cervical Cancer and she has 2 babies of her own and the thought of losing her is just, well it doesn't seem real. God Bless your family and especially your daughter.

Frugal Mom said...

Ellie J - I am truly sorry to hear the news of your daughter's diagnosis. It is not child (no matter their age) should ever have to deal with such circumstances.

My daughter is 3 today because of the Gift of Life she received when our donor angel's family gave us a liver. She is a Warrior Princess! She has rollercoaster life ahead of her because she is immune suppressed but we are grateful every moment of every day for the ability to be on the rollercoaster! We are blessed!

As an aside -she has a dairy allergy and we have started a blog that is run by her (with Mami and Papi's help) for families that struggle with dairy allergies. The Gift of an organ donation gives us these moments.