Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Free Aeropostale Shirt

PRINT THIS AND TAKE IT WITH YOU! It is a print out from the Seventeen Magazine that tells the cashier how to ring the shirt up for FREE! It’s also proof that this is legit.

What a wonderful deal for those of you heading tot he mall!
Supplies are limited so as always when the freebies are this good and you want it....HURRY!
Thanks, Free Sample Freak!


nicholaspaz said...

My Aeropostale would only accept the magazine not a print out :(

Mami said...

That is a bummer! The cashier code is right on it...sorry to hear but thank you for letting me know!

nicholaspaz said...

I looked at the comments on the Free Sample Freak blog and it seems that the staff at the stores has not been properly informed about the promotion because a lot of people were told the same as me but a lot of people did get the shirt. I think I will call tomorrow and ask them about it.