Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Sharing - We should be frugal with our Money but NEVER with our Hearts, our Love or our Compassion for others.

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This week on Sunday Sharing I want to introduce you to Pages For Children.  This is an organization whose mission statement is helping sick children and teens by improving their quality of life by giving the gift of books, cards and other items while they are in the hospital.

I do not have a personal relationship with this organization but as many of you know I have had a little one (pictured above) who has spent way to much time in hospitals due to her liver transplant and have friends whose children suffer the same plight.  One of the "silver linings" that I always focused on when she was 4 months old, 6 months old and throughout her first year was how grateful I was that she was a baby and did not understand where she was.  She was easy to distract when she was feeling well and we did not have to explain to her why or how long we would be in the hospital this time.  She did not miss her friends or her school activities...she was a baby.

Pages for Children, Inc. sends various kinds of books, birthday cards and appropriate holiday cards (each with a personal message inside) and other items to sick children and teens while they are in the hospital, not only to give them something to do but to let them know that they are being thought about and that they are loved. 

Pages For Children remembers the children who are older and are sick.  The thing about hospitals is that they are lonely and scary places for adults...I can't even imagine what it is like from the perspective of a sick child.  This organization acknowledges this and reminds the children that they are being thought of ... being kept in someones heart.  Take a few minutes and read more about this organization HERE.

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