Friday, May 14, 2010

$5 Frugal Friday Food for Others - week 3

This is week 3 of the challenge.  Click HERE to learn more about the challenge.  Last week, I took a picture of the goodies I have in my $5 food for others box but this week I don't have a picture.  I felt terrible last night and still do this morning so I did not get a chance to run to the grocery store...but you know me, I have my list already and my coupons set aside.  I know what will go into the box when I get to the store (or when my hubby does). This week I am adding a bottle of Ensure.  Total price - FREE!  This is a great example of how coupons you don't use can help someone else.  I received a promotional package from Ensure and I knew I would not use it.  I clipped the coupon hoping to be a "Coupon fairy" and leave at the grocery  store by the product.  This is always a nice surprise when I find a coupon from another "Coupon Fairy".  Well, I have decided to use the coupon and make sure it gets put to good use and place it in my box for others.

1 bottle of that going to change the world? My answer to that is one person it will satisfy them and change their world if even for a few hours.  When you take my one bottle and your one can and my  neighbors one adds up...and that is the point.  How are you doing with the challenge?

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