Saturday, May 29, 2010

5 Ways to Save Money on Diapers - Guest Post

This is a guest post written by Lauren Dzuris.  Lauren runs FindMyCarSeat, a website on car seats that helps soon to be parents find the right car seat for their child, while giving them tips and advice on everything from pregnancy to caring for your baby.

Once we start shopping for our little one to come, we realize just how expensive they can be.  Between buying baby clothes, their crib, formula, diapers and all the other supplies, we can easily go broke!  It is always good to be cost savvy and look for deals.  No matter what you’re about to buy, there are always coupons or some discounts that can be applied.  You should rarely have to pay full price for anything.

Once your little one has arrived, you will also find that they go through diapers at a tremendous rate.  Going through a whole package in just a few days can be done very easily.  Therefore, it is important to get diapers at the cheapest price possible.  To start saving today, continue reading below

Coupons:  Coupons are a great thing.  If you can get something for even cheaper, why not take advantage of it?  If you subscribe to the Sunday newspaper, you will find a few coupon books in there each week.  They are filled with all different sorts of coupons from groceries to detergent and even diapers.

Sale:  Always make sure you buy on sale.  Even if you have to stock up one week, do it!  Saving a few bucks here and there adds up to a whole lot of savings at the end of the year.

Bulk:  Stores like Costco and Sam’s Club are great for buying things in bulk.  I highly recommend that if you want diapers or formula, that you take advantage of stores like these to get them for a cheaper price!

Online:  If you shop online, you will find that you can really save some money.  Websites like Amazon are made for finding you the cheapest deals.  Also, websites like can save you a nice penny as well.

EBay:  EBay is a great website not only for selling things, but for buying things as well.  You may find from time to time that people are selling extra diapers they have that no longer fir their child.  Also, people sell some very valuable coupons.  You may find that someone is selling a coupon for $10 off a box of diapers for just .50 cents.  It sounds silly to buy coupons, but sometimes you can really save buy doing so!

As you can see, there are some great ways to save on diapers.  If you consider a few of these tips, you won’t have to pay full price for them ever again!

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