Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catching up....but being a Mami first!

I took a few days off with my little girl and I am working through catching things up on the blog.  You can see winners have been announced (a bit late...sorry) for some of the giveaways.  I have a lot of other reviews and giveaways to do and I am excited about that!

It is amazing how things pile up when you are away for a few days so I promise to get to all of the fab reviews and giveaways as well as keeping up with the great deals that are found out in the amazing web...but I must be honest...I am a Mami first..."Mami", "Mama", "Ma", "Mom" ... Savvy will use all of these to call for me and when she does I drop what I am doing and run.  I am a Mommy Blogger and I hope you all understand .... I promise to get things back on track... but ... being a Mami comes first.

Congrats to all of the winners...and Thank You for your patience!

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