Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Sharing because we should be frugal with our money but Never with our Hearts, Our LOVE or our Compassion for others - Give Kids the World

This week on Sunday Sharing I want to feature the most amazing place on earth, Give Kids the World Village!  You may never have heard of this extraordinary village nestled in the heart of Central Florida but I bet you have heard of the Make-A-Wish foundation which refers many of their children to this magical VOLUNTEER run enchanted land.
My family had the privilege to stay at Give Kids the World during my daughter's Make-A-Wish trip.  My daughter is 3 and like many little girls she wished to meet the Princesses at Disney.  We have such wonderful memories of the Wish trip and many of them were made at Give Kids the World.  Now, you may think that this village is filled with sick kids....the children in the village do have or have had very serious life threatening illnesses but we did not see any sick kids!  We saw kids being ... KIDS! and little girls being .... Divas!  Here is my little diva getting her nails done at the beauty parlor (just for kids....remember this is Give KIDS the World...the chairs are kid sizes, their bedroom and bathroom is the larger one, they get a present delivered EVERY day!).

This village has a playground that is a life size Candyland can imagine my daughter's eyes when we turned the corner and saw this...and the most beautiful part about the playground and EVERYTHING at Give Kids the World is that EVERY CHILD has the ability to enjoy it...every detail is thought of.   Children can ride horses, or go on the carousel 30 straight times in a row, or eat ice cream (no detail daughter has a SEVERE dairy worries they had dairy free ice for the first time in her life she sat with a spoon in hand at the ICE CREAM PARLOR!!!).  Oh...and we can't forget Mayor Clayton who stops by and visits to make sure you are eating your veggies!! 

There is such much to this magical place that I honestly think if we had spent a week at Give Kids the World and not visited any of the amazing parks that were included in our Wish trip it would have fulfilled her dream....yes, the Princesses come to Give Kids the World with their friends, Mickey and Minnie Mouse!  Even Santa comes every Thursday.  Magic...I tell you Magic!  And the Magic is created by volunteers!  There are a few paid staff members but you never see them...they are busy trying to raise funds and doing office work...the thousands of volunteer hours are what keep this village going.  To fall in love and learn about ways you can help this amazing organization you can go to  Give Kids the World by clicking HERE.

Did I mention that Mayor Clayton and his wife will stop by to tuck the kids into bed at night?!  Seriously, cute!  Here is my daughter waiting for her tuck in visit on the front porch!


Anne - Mommy Has to Work said...

it sounds like you had a wonderful time! what beautiful people we have in this world!

Mami said...

It is a truly magical place.