Friday, June 18, 2010

$5 Frugal Fridays for Others

I have not been grocery shopping this week because we have been using up our stockpile items.  So my total for this week in spending is $0 as it was last week..  Since the $5 goal is a monthly goal - I am okay with this.  Sometimes life just throws us a little more then we think we can handle and keeps us on our toes. 

The last few weeks life has thrown us a bit more then we thought we could handle.  My daughter picked up a virus and we had to head to the ER with flashbacks of what can happen to her...just last summer a simple virus kicked her little tushy and she was hospitalized ... spending her Papi's birthday in a hospital bed not being able to eat.  She is fine now and happy as a clam that I am writing this post because that means she can watch her Princess DVD.

My husband starts a new job on Monday and I realize how lucky we are. So many qualified, hard working people are looking for jobs and have not had the same fortune my husband had because this is just a difficult economy.  Through our ups and downs I always remember how blessed we are....because we are truly blessed.  If you have a the ability to set aside $5 a month to stretch out and purchase food for others...join me and lets see how we can make a difference.

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