Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cheapo Staycation - Harry Harris Park

We headed out to Key Largo today.  I know, I know that only local South Floridians can take advantage of this.  We had an amazing day swimming and getting sunburned :)  We went to a state park and paid $8 which I thought was pretty reasonable since we packed all of our food and drinks.  The state park is very nice with facilities then we decided to take a little drive.  We had not been to the Keys in a bit and we headed to a little park that we used to visit.  I could not remember how much it cost to get into this park and we were only a few miles down the road.  Since we went during the week and not the weekend...the county park (sandy beach, lagoon, awesome picnic area) is FREE during the week!

This park is not on the main road but only a few twist and turns away...I was so tickled with my cheapo staycation but then to learn we could have done it for the price of gas!  Oh....we are heading back later this week (depending on the sunburn) and enjoying the sandy beach for FREE!  The park is called Harry Harris Park ( a sweet free treasure in the Florida Keys!).

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