Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am a {Dork}...

If you know me in person then you already know I am a {Dork}....can't change who I am so why not embrace it?!  Today, is a great example of my dorkiness....I baked cookies last night and cupcakes this morning.  I was so super proud of myself for coming up with a {yummy} cotton candy tasting frosting that was milk free.  I hopped in the shower (I felt I needed to shower since I was going to a baby shower....I think is mandatory...although maybe just mandatory for the babies?) packed up the car with my goodies.

We are running late (so sorry) and we pull in to our friend's home who lives in a cul-de-sac and my husband asks me if I am sure we have the right date....Uhm...yeah...I know we are late but baby showers are over an hour long why are people already gone?  That was when he pointed out that the Kate who the baby shower was for was not there either...I am a dork...and rather then let my husband drive off so no one knows of my dorkiness...I decide I want to drop off the little baked goodies I have in the car.  Yup, turns out the baby shower is tomorrow...have you ever had a dorky moment like that?  I have them about once a week...okay...maybe more like once a day but I am a sleep deprived Mami of a 3 year old...doesn't that count for something? :)

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