Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush MyWay Review

I received this ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush MyWay to review with my daughter with hesitation.  I hesitated in agreeing to review it because I had purchased a spinbrush for her about 5 months ago and she did not like it...not one bit...seriously was torture to get her to brush her teeth with it and we simply went back to a regular kids brush.  I like spinbrushes better simply because I think they do a better job on the teeth and with a child who takes sugary medication 2 times a day everyday of her life...brushing the teeth is a {biggie}!

I have to share that the MyWay Spinbrush has been a huge hit in our home!  I think the reason my daughter loves it is because she took ownership of it.  It was her brush to decorate.  She chose what stickers when on it...I certainly would not have thought an electric guitar would have been chosen but it was...and she loves it!  She uses the brush with no problem...actually we think she brushes her teeth longer with the ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush MyWay then her regular brush.  The ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush MyWay is affordable retailing for $6.99 and I can tell you that I am completely sold on it....I can certainly get cheaper toothbrushes that do not spin to use on her but I think that is simply a penny wise pound foolish type of decision....and overall not a frugal choice for our family.

Product Information from the company: 
Each package comes with more than 140 (water-safe!) stickers, including:

  • Letters (pink and purple: for spelling out their name or nickname!)
  • Adorable animals (puppies, bunnies, ladybugs and birds)
  • Fun phrases (Girls rule, XOXOXO, Glam Girl)
  • Cute rainbows, flowers, peace signs and hearts (who doesn't love those?)
  • And for your little princess-- or rock star-- there are themed stickers as well!
It's been proven that kids brush 38 percent longer with a battery-operated Arm & Hammer Spinbrush for Kids toothbrush.  Plus, with a $6.99 price tag and a jeweled purple on and off switch, you can't lose!

Disclosure: I received this product for Free for the purpose of the review.  No other compensation was received.  My opinions are my own.


Busy Working Mama said...

We got one, too, and my daughter loves it! Helps encourage her to brush in the mornings when she's just rip roaring to go eat her breakfast :)

Katie said...

Now that is a GREAT idea! I know my daughter would have me buying 7 of them...each day of the week to fit her mood to decorate!

Pam said...

I think this is the cutest toothbrush ever. I'm glad your daughter is enjoying it.

Hazel said...

My daughter recently got her own My Way and she just loves it too! It's a great product and like you said, she feels an ownership to it since she designed it herself!! Definitely has increased her interest in brushing her teeth!

"Deal"icious Mom said...

This is such a great product - kids brush longer and they are totally cute! Love it!

demmi said...

I wish I had this when my child was younger