Tuesday, July 13, 2010

National Geographic "The Big Book of Fun!" Review

If you have a long car ride with your little one then this is a good book to grab.  We were sent a copy of this book to review and I have to tell you my daughter enjoyed it.  I would show you a picture of her smiling with the book but sometimes at 3 we just don't {cooperate}.  When she grabs the book she just wants to "read" it.
The book is geared for much older children.  The age range is 8-12 and after I read through it ... I know why...but the funny thing is she really likes it.  I think it is because there is a lot of wonderful pictures to look at and she simply makes up her own stories.   I love that she loves books!  I asked her if she wanted to keep this book or share it with another child and she thought about it carefully and said it "I want to keep this one".

The book retails for $6.99 and you can purchase it at the National Geographic store HERE.

Disclosure: This pen was to me for free for the purpose of the review.   The review is solely based on my opinion.  No other form of compensation was received.


Pam said...

How wonderful that she likes to read it! I wish I had the book for my son during a recent trip to St. Louis. It would have passed the time for sure.

"Deal"icious Mom said...

Oh I have this one and my 4 year old loves it. He does not care that it is for older kids. He loves all the pictures!

QueenB said...

my daughter loves this book. i love stuff like this- not too expensive, not a bunch of junky ads, and still fun!!

Katie said...

I am going to have to try to find that book!!! It looks great and something my kids would definitely be interested in!