Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{Overwhelmed} with Couponing?!

Do you ever get overwhelmed with couponing?  I have to say that today is one of those {Overwhelmed} days for me..or maybe today is the day that I have decided to brew a pot of liquid gold and finally tackle what has been overwhelming me and I need your tips.  As many of you already know I started to coupon this January.  It was a new year and a new attitude...I decided I was going to embrace being {frugal} with all of my heart because at the end of the day it only helps my family.

I started with a coupon organizer that I bought at Office Max and then I outgrew it and bought a second one and quickly outgrew both.  So, I have moved on to a photo album.  I purchased the photo album at AC Moore (yup..I used a coupon) and then labeled the sections by punching out some cardstock with a scrapbook punch....this seemed like an ideal fit for me.
This is the way I organized my coupons for the past few months but now I have found that the photo sheets are tearing and that I still have too many coupons.  I pre-plan my trips to the store so I don't take my album with me but I sure think I have missed out on some last minute deals because I did not have my coupons with me.

At this point, I have my album that is full and I also have a plastic tupperware with more coupons that I need to organize as well as the flyers that I have from Publix.

So.....I would love to know....how do you organize your coupons and does it work well for you?  I have looked around on line for different coupon organizers and am considering purchasing one.  I think the money I put into an organizer will easily be recouped with my ability to coupon better....so do you all have any recommendations?


Jaime said...

I absolutely love my binder!!!! Here is a link to the post I wrote about my binder. It needs to be adapted to fit your needs such as having a pet section or not, but I LOVE IT!

The Proud Mommy said...

Well you have way more coupons than I have.. I own a coupon keeper and I have them organized by months so I know which ones are good, but other than that you're ahead of me. I know a girl that has a plastic crate and some hanging files labeled by weeks, so she keeps the smart source and red plums flyers organized and makes sure to write on the front the expiration date so she know how long is good for.

~Mo~ said...

I bought a case it binder a few months back from a walmart sale. I got baseball card holders at the $1 store. I saved the dividers from a printable from the Krazy Coupon Lady website. Now I just have to sit down and get it organized. I like your idea of punching card stock, makes it more personalized and pretty!

Heather said...

Did you see the "Forthemammas" post on July 19th? I read it yesterday and that is what I am going to do! It is so simple but of course it isn't going to work for everyone. I would have posted a link but couldn't figure that out short of posting it on FB.