Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 of My {favorite} Family Time Ideas

My top 5 fave family time ideas are pretty simple and pretty {frugal} and yet priceless to me...
  • Spending time in my daughter's room playing with her and her toys...building castles and racing cars.
  • Going to the beach with my family and building a sandcastle.
  • Watching my husband read a book to Savvy...and another, and another.
  • Going to the playground and making sure we each (Super Papi and I) go down the slide with Savvy...We love taking turns.
  • Cooking together with Chef Savvy...it just seems to taste better when it is done together.
The time I spend doing pretty {normal} stuff with my family is my fave time.  I remember my daughter spending so much time being sick and in and out of the hospital before she received her liver transplant...all I ever wanted was {normal} time...and now that I have it...I Love it!
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