Monday, August 23, 2010

I had to put on My {Big Girl} Panties...and send her off! {My Ramblings}

Today was the first day of Pre-K for Savvy...she was BEYOND excited to get to school.  Here she is tackling her Super Papi to give him a hug!  I was snapping away and then the camera batteries went {Kaput} ... oh that is a scrapbookers tragedy..a nonworking camera on the first day of school.

Savvy has never been to daycare or any other program...I have never left Savvy in anyone's care before so today I had to put on my {Big Girl Panties} and drop her off at school..I was holding back my tears while my daughter was thrilled that she was wearing a backpack and was meeting all of her friends...or as Savvy would say, "My Kids".  She seemed so grown ... when did this happen?  I just gave birth to her?!  I met with the school nurse (who seems so wonderful...she actually has experience working in a pediatric dialysis unit so she is very well aware of the issues an immune suppressed child lucky am I?!)...I realized in meeting with the nurse that my baby big girl is in school...just like every other healthy child...I am so not used to being a mom with a "normal" routine...I mean our normal isn't the "normal" I ever envisioned for my family..this..just seemed so "Really Normal"..I love it and yet it is foreign territory to me...

I came home after leaving my child with a huge grin on her face...and wanted to vomit thinking about how hard it must be for her to be separated.  I raced to school to pick her up only to find her unhappy that school was over....oh....looks like my 3 year old has to teach Mami how to grow up.


Rosie said...

I can just imagine how you must have felt Anna but Savvy's excitement does not surprise me at all! She's one of the most amazing children I've ever met! Yes, she's a blessing! Love,


Anonymous said...

YiaYia said....Life is so wonderful. Such a happy time. xoxox