Tuesday, August 17, 2010

{Moving} No Moo For Me on over

After much thought I have decided to incorporate my second site, No Moo For Me, into this site.  With my daughter starting school next week ...{WOW}...I need to become a little more structured with my time and running both sites takes a lot of time.

I {LOVE} the No Moo For Me site because I have a little one who has a severe dairy allergy and it is hard to find dairy free or "Savvy Approved" recipes and products...just this weekend at the birthday party we went to my friend and her mom were shocked that the lollipops in the goody bags contained milk...I learned about lollipop dangers the hard way and ALWAYS check now...Savvy can't even have the lollipops at the doctors office....(as a side note: Dum Dum brand lollipops are Savvy Approved!)

I will be working on redoing the tab sections of my blog this week and next week...and if you are interested in dairy free recipes and/or products I will have them featured in a tab on this site.  I hope this will just give my regular readers of Florida Frugal Family an additional interest and a place for the readers of No Moo For Me to come to.

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Melanie said...

So glad I found this. My daughter has a server dairy, soy and egg allergy. Always looking for new ideas that are kid tested!