Saturday, August 7, 2010

School Supply Stockpile?!

My daughter is 3 and starting Pre-K this {fall}!  That sounds so far away but it is just around the corner...just weeks away.  I have taken the same approach to school supplies as I do with my pantry.  I have decided to stockpile school items.  The sales are wonderful right now.  I purchased crayons for 25cents a packet and grabbed 20 of them. 

As I was putting the glue and crayons away along with my pantry stockpile my husband sarcastically asked me if I had enough crayons for Savvy?!  I told him that with a 3 year old I don't think there are ever enough crayons.  We have obviously never had a child in school before so this will be our first year.  I presume that we will be going through crayons and gluesticks like crazy throughout the year.  My thinking is that like food there are high and low times of the year to purchase and right now is the low {price} time for school supplies.  If I wait for school to start and for the sales to end then I will be paying over a $1 for each package of crayon I replace and we all know that it is not the one pack of crayons that will break us but how quickly the price difference adds up.

I did get my husband to see my way...I think.  He is also well aware if the school supplies are not used up that I will donate them so no one really loses.  I am curious you stockpile your school supplies? 


Elaine said...

That's a great idea- especiallly with glue! My daughter is 2 and I've never purchased her crayons- we get them for free when we eat out, and since we eat out a lot she has a ton!! Although, i'm not sure they'd work well in a school setting :)

Susan said...

Having the stockpile of school supplies also helps with gifts. Adding a small pack of washable crayons or markers along with a coloring book can make a gift a big hit. I have even printed off coloring pages of a child's favorite character to go with the gift.

I know with some little ones it's not so much what gift they get but how many. We decorate a gift bag and they all seem to have a blast pulling all the little items out.

Mami said...

Cute idea Susan!