Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Sharing because we should be frugal with our money but Never with our Hearts, Our LOVE or our Compassion for others - {National Marrow Donor program}

This week on Sunday Sharing I want to focus on the National Marrow Donor program. This week I received an email which was quickly followed by a phone call.  The email had words written that made my heart skip a beat with excitement and joy.
I am a possible match!  A match?  Yes, I signed up through after my daughter received her organ transplant. I know the struggle all to well to have the love of your life fight for their life ... and the worst part of the whole experience was knowing that we depended on a stranger to make the right decision and to say "Yes" to organ donation but in our case someone had to pass away in order for us to receive the Gift of Life.   
Imagine...just imagine if you could give this Gift to someone while on this earth.  Thing is .. we CAN!  We can sign up to be a match for someone who needs a bone marrow transplant.  It is super easy to do...simply go to and they will send you a few cotton swabs.  You swab your cheek and send it back.  That is it!  That is all it takes.
I can not begin to express to you how much I want to be able to donate...I am waiting for the doctors to make the call and contact me with a Yes or a No.   As I type, I am in tears knowing that so many are awaiting this simple gift.  I know that the procedure to extract the bone marrow is not fun in anyway but to think that someone would rather not be uncomfortable for a short period of time in order to save another human being that is suffering, whose family is suffering is...simply beyond me.
Ask yourself...if your child had leukemia would you want a stranger to donate?  If your spouse was in a hospital bed fighting for their life would you want a stranger to donate?  If you had to make arrangements to give your loved one their last rights (which I had to do with my baby girl)...would you want someone to donate?  If you answer yes to any of those questions...then why would you not donate?
Please visit the National Marrow Donor Program HERE.

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