Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Sharing because we should be {frugal} with our money but Never with our Hearts, Our LOVE or our Compassion for others - Karlee's Angels

This week on {Sunday Sharing} I want to feature Karlee's Angels.  When I read about Karlee I had tears running down my face because this beautiful little girl took what would conquer many adults and turn it into something so {Beautiful}.

I think the best way to share Karlee's story and her mission is to share her own words.

When I was 5 years old I had to face one of the hardest and scariest, challenges in my life. In December of 2006 my mommy and daddy found a big bump on my left lower leg. Ever since they noticed the big bump I had seen a lot of doctors and had a lot of scary tests done to me. After all these scary, long tests mommy and daddy found out what was going on with me. They told me what was wrong and I got very scared. They told me that I have a rare form of cancer called alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. I didn't understand so they explained to me that I have a Pac-man inside my leg that is very hungry and can be very mean so we have to start a long, hard journey to try and get rid of it. I went through a lot of painful and sleepless nights. They give me lots of medicines to try and help me get through all this.

I started up a mean and yucky medicine called chemotherapy to try and get rid of this Pac-man. My mommy and daddy explained to me that these medicines are going to be very scary for me. They are going to make me feel sick to my tummy, make me feel yucky inside, and also take all my hair. I got really sad when I found out about my hair going away. I just didn't want anybody to laugh at me with not having any hair. My mommy and daddy told me over and over not too worry it will grow back, but it will take a while.

I had a long, scary journey ahead of me with chemo, doctor appointments, scans, 44 weeks to be exact. So I took all these yucky medicines, lost my hair, and missed school and friends, but my mommy and daddy kept telling me everyday that I will eventually get better and that is what counts!

Unfortunately in March of 2007, I lost my leg to this cancer spreading throughout my left lower leg in my tibia, and the doctor told my family and I that the best thing to save my life and to hopefully stop the spread of my cancer would be to amputate above my knee. So on March 28, they took my leg. They took 2 inches above my knee. I was so sad to go from 2 legs to now 1 but my mommy and daddy told me that they have these cool things called prosthetics. I really had no idea what those were, so we looked up a lot of different ones. I was very happy to see that they had these legs out there for people that have to go through what I did. It makes a big difference, and has for me since my amputation. I have been through several hips now and since I am still growing I will have many more done for me.

Cancer may have taken a part of my body and have put me through a lot of pain and fear, but I am still here and I am a fighter everyday. I have been cancer free so far for almost 2 years now. I have a 5 year survivor rate, so I am hoping that when I beat this 5 year mark, I can say YES CANCER FEARS ME!!!

My personal feelings and experience on loosing my limb:

how my life is going to be?
Will people laugh and stare at me?
Was I going to be able to do the fun things with my friends like I used to?
Will I have to be in a wheelchair all my life?
Will I be normal?

All the painful and sleepless nights I went through.
Going through phantom pains, screaming and feeling my leg when it wasn't even there.
Falling at night, while trying to get up and out of bed, forgetting my leg was gone.
Taking pain medication daily just to get through the day.

Missing my leg that I had for my first 5 years of life.
Being told that I have to learn to walk again with some fake leg, not MINE!
Having monthly visits for leg fittings and castings just so I can walk.
Growing fast and having to learn how to use a new leg all over again because I out grew my other.
By the way I have out grown 8 hips so far, so that's a lot of fittings and castings, AND I'm still growing.

I am able to walk.
I do have fun with my friends still.
I get to decorate my legs with cool fabric, whatever I choose.
The phantom pains do pass.
I don't have to take as much pain medicine any more.
The happiest thing, I AM ALIVE!

So is a Fighter!  She beat this cancer and in her journey decided that she wanted to bring a smile to the faces of other children like herself who are also FIGHTERS!  Karlee's mission is simple.  Give sick children a toy....just so they can smile.  You can learn more about Karlee and her mission HERE. 

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