Monday, September 20, 2010

Bake Me Some Cupcakes {Bakerella}!

Every Monday I look forward to getting my {Sweetness} fix in my email box.  I am a huge Bakerella fan and subscribe to her email feeds.

This morning, I am almost went into a {Sweetness} overload and just had to share.  If you have not heard of Bakerella then...I must issue a Warning.  Brew yourself a pot of liquid gold before clicking over because you are going to be clicking on the most adorable delectable treats for a very long time...and then you are probably going to get giddy and then maybe even a little mad at me because you will suddenly have a compulsion to start baking...and not just regular ole baking but Bakerella type baking!

When did I become a fan?? I first saw "Bakerella" on the Martha Stewart show.  I was flipping through the channels and had no intention to watch the Martha Stewart show...but I stopped because I saw this adorable woman creating the most adorable Cake Pops!  I can't wait to get my copy of her new book on Cake Pops!  Just have to wait for it to be out a while so I can snag it at a cool deal.

I don't know why but I wrote an email the very moment her segment finished....and this was what happened.  Did I mention I am a {Huge} Bakerella fan?!

From Bakerella's site:
Pops For A Purpose
A couple of months ago, I received an email from a reader. She told me the story of her baby daughter, Savannah, and how she received a liver transplant when she was one. She explained how much she and her husband want to raise awareness for organ donation. And, when she asked me to create a cupcake pop for fundraisers to honor Savannah’s 2-year-old donor, I knew what I had to do.
I called and told her I would and then I told her my story, and we both cried.
You see, today is my sweet sixteen. It’s what I call my second birthday. Sixteen years ago I received a phone call asking me to come to the hospital right away. The voice on the other end said they had a possible “match.” I was sick, both of my kidneys had failed and I was on dialysis. But, later on that evening I was in surgery for a kidney transplant. And, the next day I no longer needed dialysis – I was the recipient of the greatest gift that can be given.
I don’t have the words to describe all the feelings I had then and still have now. But Savannah’s mom reminded me how I was given a second chance and how I can do more myself.
So maybe, you’ll read this and take a minute to think about organ donation. Or, the next time you renew your license, you’ll remember these pops or Savannah, or me and change a life.
Here’s Savannah’s story (have a kleenex handy)
Cupcake Pops
Above: cupcake pops with the green ribbon (a symbol for organ donation) Below: Some other combinations with the same color scheme.
Cake Pops

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