Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Dentist...{My Ramblings}

I had to take Savvy to the dentist this morning.  We have practiced all week for what the dentist would do.  I find that when I "practice" with Savvy what to expect at a medical appointment she seems to handle things a lot better....and I have to say she did so well that she walked out with a goody bag and two balloons.  I was surprised when the hygienist said she had argued that she did not want a 3 year old as a patient but now she will request her when she sees her come in...what an odd statement for a pediatric practice....I kept wandering what the experience would have been liked if Savvy had freaked...after all, she is only 3.

Savvy's teeth are permanently stained and her teeth enamel is soft as a result of her body being in liver failure for a year but the good news is that her teeth remain solid - no cavities - and she is now old enough to put a sealant on. 

Ironically, I had the same conversation with the dental hygienist about Savvy's liver transplant as I did with the woman at the dry cleaners yesterday.  This time I knew the conversation would occur as soon as she read the "other medical information" section.   I saw the whispering with her file behind the window.

The second part of the conversation was what I still find to be so odd.  I still find it so odd that people presume to tell me that I should have another child who would in their scenario be born healthy.  The moment I learned I was pregnant I stopped drinking sodas, my precious liquid gold, and I cut out all unhealthy eating habits.  I never missed a medical appointment, not one ounce of alcohol and would literally hold my breath when I passed a smoker.   I know I could not have prevented my child's of date there is no known reason for Biliary Atresia.  I just find it odd that I am told to "try again" if I need to do this to feel whole.

My husband and I dated for 4 years and then we were married for 13 years before I became pregnant.... our Miracle was born.  I want Savannah.  She is all I want.  I am complete.  I find it odd that as an addendum to the conversation about my daughter's health I am regularly told that with time...I will want a "healthy" if my child is broken....just so odd.

Clearly, I am in a {rambling} mood...

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Anonymous said...

Yia Yia said.....What an odd thing for someone to say to you. Although I would LOVE to have another Anselmo to love, Savvy is most satisfying to me too. xoxox