Friday, September 17, 2010

Good {Morning}! ..... {My Ramblings}

Good Morning!
It is {Friday}!!!  This morning I overheard Super Papi ask Savvy if she knew what day it was....being 3 she gave him a quizzical look.  Then I heard him say, "It is Friday and tonight is blue pillow night!" and then simultaneously a cheer from both of them...these two....peas in a pod!

Super Papi has a tendency to fall asleep next to Savvy or with Savvy laying on top of his chest...this has been the case since birth.  Savvy had a hard time sleeping because she was in pain or having trouble breathing due to the progressive liver disease and like magic Super Papi would place her on his chest and it was like two snoring bears with a gatekeeper (I, the dork, would just sit next to them staring at from a sense of relief...FINALLY my child is asleep...TWO because I was petrified Savvy would fall and Robert would crush her....these two like peas in a pod never moved).  Now that Savvy is the gatekeeper I don't let Robert put "her to sleep" because what happens is that Savvy will walk down the stairs within 10 minutes with a grin on her face....she will look up and say, "Shhhhh. Papi is sleeping"....yup....Same deal each time....Savvy puts a pink blanket on her Papi, gives him a princess or favorite Elmo and then she walks out....when I go back to tuck her in she kisses his forehead and tells him, "Night Night"...

So now...on Fridays....Super Papi stays with Savvy to "read" a book after we say our prayers... and he sleeps on her blue pillow (a blue bean bag next to her toddler bed) one pretends that he is going to stay awake and since Savvy knows that Papi is going to sleep too and not "putting her to sleep" ... she will stay in bed.... as usual...I got sidetracked...I think... the original point of this story was to tell you that I will do my best to verify the entrants to Blogmania tonight after my Sleeping Beauties go to bed and get the winner posted as soon as possible..I will certainly announce the winner by the 20th....I have hundreds of entries to verify.

Did you enter Blogmania??? I hope you did!  I certainly spent a few hours entering some amazing giveaways during Blogmania and discovering some great bloggers!  This was my first time participating in Blogmania but I can tell you I am excited for the next one!!  I have been selected to be a part of the Blogmania 2011 Dream Team!!!  I can't wait to get you more info. on that!  Okay....gotta get back to my second cup of liquid gold the aroma of the coffee brewing is driving me insane!

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