Saturday, September 4, 2010

Have A {Fabulous} Holiday Weekend!

We are going to take this weekend and have some "normal" family time together...I type this with a smile.  So many days and nights that we spent with our daughter in the hospital while her little body fought hard I would sit, hope and dream... I would fantasize about the smallest things.  I didn't dream about fancy trips but simply about being home.  I didn't dream about fancy restaurants but simply about cooking in our kitchen together.  I dreamt about having "normal" days..and I know how blessed we are that they are here.

Savvy has been sick this week with a fever off and on and congestion.  She missed a lot of her {beloved} school.  She had to have her labs drawn...I told her we had to have a "pokey" as I have countless times...this time she wept and as the tears rolled down her face she whispered, "Mami that is not a pokey it is an oouieee"..I know Sweetheart and I am truly sorry but we need to make sure your liver is happy.  She is only 3.

She is still under the weather and so I have decided to unplug this weekend and do some cooking, some baking, some time on the beach, some staying in our pj's way too long..we are going to spend time just having a relaxing holiday weekend doing what we do best...being a {family}.  I will see you back here on Tuesday :)   
Enjoy your weekend!

2 comments: said...

have a great weekend!

Shauna said...

Happy Weekend! New here!
Would love for you to come visit me too :)