Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hot Dogs...Hot Dogs and MORE Hot Dogs!!!

Ran in to Publix super quick to grab some Mueller's pasta that is on BOGO this week (until tonight) and not let my coupons expire and I found a GREAT deal...Today is the last day for this deal but wanted to give you a heads up in case you are running to Publix today.

I found a display with the Ball Park hot dogs that are Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) with the packages having a $1.00 coupon each!  As if that didn't make me happy enough they also had a tearpad next to it that stated if you bought 2 Ball Park Franks then you would get a {Free} Publix buns!  The Ball Parks originally cost $3.99 each...because they are BOGO they are $3.99 for 2 but with the $1.00 coupons that were attached to the packages I was able to save $2.00 on each deal and also get Publix hot dog buns that are normally .89 cents for {Free}!  So a total of $8.87 of groceries for $1.99.. Hot dogs freeze well so I stocked up!

The Spider Man fruit snacks were a bribe and not originally part of the plan but I placed Savvy in a car cart (her fave!) that had just been washed and did not realize it had a water puddle on it...she cried because she was wet and didn't understand why we couldn't take our shorts and panties off in the I stopped the tears with sugar...I know...I KNOW...I am not beneath bribery...but they were BOGO (the open box is in the pantry).

I told my hubby my savings and he laughed and said...guess I am going to see a lot of hotdogs on the upcoming menu plans :) 
So I spent $14.37 (Including Bribery item) and Saved $51.71!! 

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