Thursday, September 2, 2010

I am {Excited} about CSN Stores...

I have shared with you in the past that I like CSN stores.  They have over 200 stores to pick from so as you can imagine you can get anything from a beautiful coffee table to a dog bowl...seriously they have an amazing range of items.

The key for me is always looking for the {free shipping} that they have for a lot of their items.  The coffee table which is pictured has free shipping provided...that is the way to get the best deal!  You want to know a sweet deal?!  I am going to review an item from CSN stores..I haven't decided yet but as soon as I let you know you will have a chance to review an item from CSN stores for yourself!  Yup, I will be giving away a $30 gift certificate so you can do a some shopping at CSN stores real soon...and with the holidays coming up .... You can visit CSN Stores and start looking for something you may want to spend the gift certificate on if you win!

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