Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Cough....Much Whining....{My Ramblings}

Savvy had the {Boogies} last is a part of our weekly schedule since starting school.  Thing is this morning I woke up to a little Warrior Princess who is coughing up a storm and in between the coughs...lots of whining....(her tummy hurts too so I can't blame her...I'd be whining!).

She is usually so {Tough}.  Seriously for a 3 year old it is hard and yet easy to explain her lack of tears when she feels like for her to is simply unusual.  We have been {Cuddle Bugging} all morning on the sofa and watching all kinds of shows...our faves have been Little Einsteins and a mixture of Dora and Diego this morning.

Savvy is so excited about Halloween that I am holding my breath....we have a history of visiting doctors and hospitals during the holidays, or 3 day never really mattered much to us as long as she got better but now that she is getting older and looking forward to the holidays...I will be so crushed for her if she gets sicker.

I am off to {Cuddle Bug} with my little Warrior Princess who is still in her Elmo pj's holding on to her stuffed puppy (he is sick today and she needs to take care of him...God I love this child!). 

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