Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ecostore USA - Auto Dishwash Powder {Review}

I really like the concept of Ecostore USA - no harsh chemicals for the house afterall we should all be more environmentally conscious if not for our future but the future of our children but I have to say that the product I was sent to review was one that I would not purchase though.

When I pre-rinsed my dishes the Auto Dishwash powder did work well with this.  I was happy with the results of the product until I placed some oily pots and pans in the dishwasher.  I had fried up some yummy treats and after dumping the oil I simply placed the frying pan in the dishwasher as I normally do.  The dishwashing liquid left my dishes with oily residue.  I had to do the dishwasher cycle a few times (I would not typically run the wash this many times but since I was doing a review I felt that I needed to).  The dishes were cleaned after the 2nd and one time after the 3rd cycle but this is something that I would never do if it were not a review.

I do have to share that the customer service from Ecostore USA is wonderful.  I would be happy to try out other products for them because I do like the concept of Eco friendly cleaning products and I also like the friendliness of their customer service but I would have to pass on the Auto Dishwash powder for my family.

Disclosure: This product was received for free for the purpose of a review.  All opinions expressed are my own.  No other form of compensation was received.

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