Thursday, October 21, 2010

I am calling in Sick....{My Ramblings}

Update: Still feel yucky...Mary Poppins I live in the house with the small backyard....I KNOW you were lost and that is why you didn't make it worries though because I can still use your help!  Oh...if you could walk the dogs..they are feeling a bit neglected...Thanks!!!

I don't feel well and will be off the computer today...I am going to do my best to stay off of my feet..although anyone with a 3 year old knows the {reality} behind this statement.  I need a nanny!  I was watching the Beverly Hills Housewives show and one of them has 4 nanny's for 2 you think she could spare one for me today?  Does Mary Poppins have discounted rates?  I will have to check into this when I feel better.

If you have emailed me or are waiting on a response from me...please forgive me...I promise I will get to my email and my "online" life as soon as possible.

Wishing you each a wonderful and healthy day!


My name means Wisdom said...

Be sick then!

jk, hope you feel better tomorrow :)

BJ said...

I hope you feel better....I know when I'm sick...My 2yr old never lets me rest so good luck :0)

Mami said...