Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quilted Northern House Party Application

 I just had to share this HouseParty application...my friends will get a laugh out of it because since my daughter was born it seems that every conversation for me revolves around crap...yup...I said it :)

and frankly I feel that I have earned and would proudly wear the Silver Paper "Queen" Hostess Crown...so if you apply and get selected...be so kind as to send me a picture...I want to live vicariously through you!

Party Date:Saturday, November 13th
Quilted Northern® Bathroom Confidential House Party™
Do you fold or crumple? Do you have an embarassing bathroom moment? What do you look for in bath tissue? It's time to reveal your bathroom secrets, share some laughs and talk about clean - what it means, how to get it and why its important - at the Quilted Northern® Bathroom Confidential House Party.

You expect your toilet paper to keep you and your family clean, and, once you get beyond the initial taboo, it's not hard to see the humor in it all. So, on November 13, gather your friends for some direct conversation about the importance of cleanliness and make the taboo talkable. Revealing secrets, pet peeves and quirky habits about you and your friends' bathroom behavior, this is sure to be a party unlike any you've thrown before!
Quilted Northern® Bathroom Confidential House Party™
If selected to host, we will send you a free party pack filled with conversation starters and gifts that'll help make your party a clean success.
  • 1 small bottle of liquid potpourri
  • 1 metallic silver paper "Queen" hostess crown
  • 1 Quilted Northern® sash
  • 15 Quilted Northern® branded recyclable grocery bags
  • 6 pack of Quilted Northern Soft &; Strong® double roll toilet paper
  • Quilted Northern Soft &; Strong® coupons

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