Monday, October 11, 2010

Jarritos Soda {Review}

I am a Latina and love sodas from latin nations.  My hubby was born in D.C. and grew up in Maryland...needless to say his exposure to latin soda was zilch growing up. When we got the Jarritos soda to review I thought I would love it and he would not be a fan....turns out I was wrong!  He really liked Jarritos!

I think the difference with Jarritos Mexican soda is that it is not as sweet as a typical "latin" soda which is why I love them (they are primarily sugar in a bottle...I am a fan!).  In this case the soda tasted more like the flavor of the fruit that was in it rather then sugar...making my hubby a fan!

We were able to try out the 11 flavors that Jarritos offers and they are all different but we liked them all except for the Guava flavored soda.  Neither my hubby nor I are fans of Guava so I guess we are biased on this flavor. We wanted to keep the bottles to ourselves but as you can see...we had an unexpected munchkin reviewer who also gave her thumbs up.

JarritosNation has a contest going on right now until 12/31/10 for $10,000! know we entered :)

Disclaimer: Jarritos soda were provided for the purpose of this review.  The shirt was provided as well.  No other form of compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are my own and yours may be different. 


Being Tazim said...

I also dislike guava flavor. This soda looks good - the lime one especially.

Katie said...

They sound delicious...I need to find out where to buy some of my own! Guava? I don't think it would have passed my lips! Great review!

Blissful Reviews said...

Never heard of this soda brand and I'm always open to trying new flavors...but Guava, no thanks! lol

demmi said...

sounds like a soda I might like