Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Marie Claire Article....Should Fatties Get a Room? (Even on TV?)

Update: The author of the post, Maura Kelly, has issued an apology.  

I must say that I am so overwhelmingly floored by this post that I simply had to stop and write about it.  I posted a comment on the post and would encourage you to do so as well.  My comment is below.

I know that this has nothing to do with coupons or being frugal but it has to do with my value system...thing is that I truly believe that We all Have Value!  It doesn't matter to me if you are fat or thin, gay or straight, black or white, coupon lover or over spender :)  we all have value...and I find it unjustifiable that a major magazine such as Marie Claire would be okay with allowing an article to be printed ridiculing people period.  

We should be {frugal} with our Money but Never with our Hearts, Our Love or our Compassion for others.


I gained a great deal of weight after the birth of my child...not because of the pregnancy but because my child was born with a rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia. She was born so sick that at 4 months she was listed to have an organ transplant. We waited 8 months .... at a year and 24 days she received the "Gift of Life". She received a new liver from our Donor Angel. During this time I can not begin to tell you the amount of stress I was under fighting for my daughter's life...today...I continue to fight for she will have to continue to take immune suppression medication for the rest of her life. She is 3...and has a life.

I gained weight...I was also dearly loved by my husband and continue to be. He has no problems showing me how much he loves me...probably more today because of what we have been through then when I was a size 4. I am writing because I could barely get through the post without tears in my eyes. I don't cry for me but for what we are showing our children. My daughter has been on prednisone to help save her life. She has been so bloated due to medications that you would not recognize her. She is just a child. One who may have to fight for her life again and again...one who has a beautiful scar on her belly showing the world the beauty of the love of a stranger... I was upset reading the article knowing that it was simply one more article out there somehow justifying that it is okay to show intolerance to others...MarieClaire is an amazing magazine with a lot of clout and I challenge you, your magazine and your readers to focus on the beauty we all have....not on intolerance.

Ana Anselmo www.CotaForSavannahA.com


SalemMomma said...

That was one of the most disgusting articles I have ever read. Not only did I comment on the post, I also sent an email to the editor complaining. Ugh.

Susan said...

I have been following your posts for awhile on GFC. I read the post before I read this blog. Thank you for your kind words, because I am morbidly obese. I have a husband who loves me dearly, and I am a size 26. Her words hurt me deeply... it seems like she was talking directly to me, not any other obese person. It is nice to know there are people out there that don't care how fat or thin or what color someone is.

I will pray for your daughter. Your daughter is truly lucky to be born to such a loving mother.

Mami said...

We are all so very {Beautiful} with so much to offer each other.

@SalemMomma - Thank you for taking the time to contact the editor and letting the magazine know that they need to do a better job at representing all of our beauty.

@Susan - I am so sorry you were hurt... {{{Hugs}}} What a lucky man your husband is in having you as a wife...thank you for your kind words...I do truly appreciate them!