Friday, October 22, 2010


Does your little one want to be a Super Hero this Halloween? If so, please consider PowerCapes...

I am an affiliate with PowerCapes.  What does that mean?  When a blogger becomes an affiliate with a company any referrals that are sent to them with the link placed on the blog site earns them $.  In my case, I am delighted to share with you that any purchases of a Power Cape using my affiliate link will earn me credit for future capes.  I have made arrangements so that I will not be earn any $ but instead if a purchase is made using my link I will receive credit.  When I have enough credit earned they will send me a Power Cape to place in the Welcome Wagon!

If you want to purchase a cape to be sent to me for the Welcome Wagon please go HERE.  If you simply want to purchase a cape for your special little one please use THIS LINK so that I may earn credits.  Thank You for your Kindness!


Veritory said...

This is a great idea! I remember creating a cape _last minute_ because my sweet one wanted to be Word Girl (before there were production costumes)!.. But I tried clicking through and your links appear to be broken.. :( Appears to be on the powercapes site.

Mami said...

The link is not broken...The Power Capes company is the wonderful company that is working with me to get capes for Mami on a McMission...a portion of every sale through this link is donated (not money but credit for capes). If you go to the Main Power Cape Home site then you can find me through their fundraiser tab...look for Ronald McDonald.